"Peace of Mind" for those contemplating surgery in Malaysia. I first considered cosmetic plastic surgery after watching a piece on the program 'Sunday' regarding a women who went to K.L. for quite extensive surgery. I subsequently read numerous articles and researched Malaysia and Dr. Jalil in particular.

Fortunately I chose to ignore well-meaning friend's negative advice regarding surgery overseas in so called 3rd world countries. Nothing could have been more opposite. I had my cosmetic plastic surgery done in July 2007 and am absolutely thrilled with the outcome!

The facelift and jowl surgery have definitely taken a good 10 years off. It is with quiet smugness I smile to myself that I made the right decision in having my cosmetic procedure in K.L. Seeing friends and family for the 1st time after cosmetic plastic surgery the feedback has been fantastic. The most positive being from a close friend who can be a little critical and certainly holds no punches, her first comment was "My God I want one".

Meeting Dr. Jalil for the first time certainly put my mind at ease. Whilst his professionalism is unquestionable, his easy going nature allows you to feel no question is too stupid to ask.

The Ampang Puteri Hospital definitely surpasses any I have been to in N.Z. The continually smiling faces and friendly disposition of the nursing staff make you feel like you are in the care of the most professional staff at any five star hotel.

- Claire N, Auckland, New Zealand | Cosmetic plastic surgery


I travelled to Kuala Lumpur in July 2007 for some liposuction. I found my cosmetic surgeon spoke extremely good English, so I had no trouble at all in communicating with him which was a relief.

I found him extremely friendly and he explained everything to me really well.

I wanted liposuction on my abdomen, hips and thighs. I had saddlebags that no amount of exercise seemed to shift. I asked the Dr. if after having 3 children - the liposuction on my stomach would leave saggy skin. He said that due to the amount of skin I had that it would be a good idea to remove it along with the liposuction by way of a mini tummy tuck. He explained that the scar would be just a little longer each side of the ceaserian scar I already had there, so I agreed to have the mini tummy tuck.

The results of the cosmetic surgery were fantastic. I was really pleased that I had the mini tummy tuck along with the liposuction, and would recommend anyone who has had children and wanting liposuction to ask about the mini tummy tuck.

Everything was taken care of from the time I arrived in Malaysia. I was picked up from the Airport - taken to my hotel, I was then taken to all my before and after surgery consultations, my admission to hospital was without stress, and the facilities in the hospital were faultless.

My Hotel was fantastic. I had an apartment at the lovely Prince Hotel and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling to KL.

Once I recovered from my cosmetic procedure sufficiently to get out of the Hotel, which was surprisingly quick, I started to explore the shops and markets.

Shopping in KL is better than Hong Kong in my opinion. Endless shops, beautiful food and what´s more it´s soooo cheap! I saved 50% of the cost of the cosmetic plastic surgery at home and that included my airfares and Hotel!

The staff at Beautiful You Holidays were lovely and I can´t wait to see them again on my next trip!

- Elle R. U.K. | Cosmetic plastic surgery


Dear Doctor How, Dr. How you give confidence in your patients and you empower patients by making them feel secure and comfortable to make the right decision, you are respectful in whatever they decide, you are very informative, and you provided me with all the information that I required to make a decision which is right for me. I would like to thank for your professionalism and willingness to help me on my journey, your help and friendliness is greatly appreciated Cost is considerably benefit here in Malaysia for Australians, and I was impressed with The Beverly Wilshire Dental specialist Centre with its State of the ARC Surgery , also I enjoyed a lovely holiday here in Kuala Lumpur while proceeding with my treatments. Thank you to you and your team in Malaysia they are inspirational and I will be sharing my experience to all. Robyn Tate- Franklin

Robyn Tate | Dental Treatments,


Very organised, pleasant experience Professional, lovely staff Very happy with result

- Ronald Hubble | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


The treatment provided at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre was of extremely high standard. I was pleased with the work I received and happy with the way it changed my appearance and uplifted my confidence. The staff members had a friendly nature and were focussed on your requirements. The standard of professionalism, the service received and the quality of core was a credit to the clinic. I would have no hesitation in recommending family and friends. Kindest regards, Kellie Dower

- Kellie Dower, New Zealand | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


I presented at the Beverly Wilshire Dental Centre with a chipped and sensitive eye tooth, a discoloured front tooth along with other problems of aging teeth. Dr. How Kim Bhuan advised me on what the best solution was to correct all of my problems. As a result, I now have a complete set of upper crowns which look and feel excellent and will last me for the remainder of my life. Both the doctor and his staff, were efficient, showed concern for my wellbeing, sure handed and as a result, I am extremely happy with the end result. This took only 8 days to achieve. The temporaries fitted between appointments were also excellent. The equivalent amount of dental work in Australia would have been unaffordable for me and would have taken a great deal more time.

- Beverly Brock, Australia | Dental Treatments


To the next lucky person who maybe privileged enough to have their Dental and/or cosmetic needs met by Dr. How and his attentive staff, I have travelled from New Zealand to Malaysia to specifically have dental cosmetic surgery by Dr. How. Researching Dr. How, his experience, his purpose built clinic; Beverly Wilshire was eclipsed by the practical experience! Dr. How with credentials that read like an elaborate cuisine recipe were irrelevantly ignored and cast aside, as Dr. How - the man, the professional- conducted, carried out personally or had a very close eye directing and guiding his other medical staff moment by moment, step by step, second by second! There was a complete feeling of confidence, familiarity and in total control that oozed from Dr. How. Quick to amend a slight of hand of his chair side assistants, I knew that this man, this true professional, tolerated nothing but excellence! I was in good hands. The result – a twenty year old smile on a 50 plus year old woman. Dr. How had rectified blackened fillings, among other procedures; gave me back my youthful smile. The downside to this international experience: Dr. How did not warn me about side effects i.e. sore "cheekitsis" = sore muscles of the cheek bones due to excessive smiling!

- Shona Munro, New Zealand | Dental Treatments


Dear Dr. How, Thank you for fulfilling a dream of mine. My teeth at age 13 needed braces and my family couldn’t afford the cost. I have always wanted straight teeth and an even smile, and you have skilfully done that. Your manner towards me was one of patience and kindness (I was very nervous). Thank you.

- Ann Maree Jackson, Australia | Dental Treatments


The team at Beautiful You took the worry out of the experience. Everything organised, always in contact, offering above and beyond a great service. Would highly recommend their service, and especially the surgeon Dr. Jalil, who makes you feel you are his only patient, even though he is a very busy surgeon. Thanks guys, well worth every dollar!

- Jennifer Faulkner, New Zealand | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


Dr. Jalil, while a little more relaxed (rock music playing in his consultation room!) than I was used to, he very quickly assured the procedure would be relatively easy, at our first meeting. The hospital, Beverly Wilshire was lovely, brand new, very clean and excellent nursing staff. The nurses were all very young but very attentive, caring and clearly knew what they were doing. They were friendly and thoughtful. Particularly caring when taking my first shower after the operation, taking extra time and consideration to assist me. Dr. Jalil went out of his way to help my daughter while she was here, with removing her plaster cast, taking his time to ensure her wrist was completely mended. This was above and beyond what was necessary. Thank you Dr. Jalil!!

- Karon Fallon, New Zealand | Cosmetic plastic surgery


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