Shared Responsibility 

The most common question we are asked by individuals is what happens if something goes wrong. Of course, there are always concerns in the back of your mind and people projecting their doubts and uncertainties onto you. It is imperative that you know we are here for you, every step of the way. That is why we have this, our shared responsibility. What this means is that we work with you, your surgeons, the hospital staff and our ground staff to give you the best experience - having fun, changing your life and also being responsible and safe. 

It is important that every step of the way you listen to the advice and instructions you are given and follow them - any questions, ask us! 

What you need to do:

Pre-surgery surgeon consultation: Do not be afraid to ask questions! It is best if you write down the questions beforehand and research the procedure, ask other people who have had it (or similar procedures were done) about it and then you can gage questions from that.

Time on holiday: It is important you stay the number of nights we recommend. It is equally as important that if your wounds have not healed you stay longer. To make this a more affordable option, it is a good idea to book a flexible air ticket.

Rest & relaxationThe best way to get through your surgery and recovery is to relax! Listen to your body, if it wants to lay down, let it. While it is tempting to explore non-stop, only do what you are comfortable with. You can extend your stay to ensure you get to fit in relaxation and exploration. But the most important thing is your health. The same goes for when you get home, make sure you are not committed to anything when you get home that is taxing on your body. This can include simple things like lifting your children.

Accept Help: During the first few days a nurse will come to your room and dress your wounds. If you need extra help, the nurse will continue to attend to you. 

Look after yourself from the inside: Ensure you treat your body well, with fresh, healthy food and a lot of water (2-3 litres a day) during your recovery. 

Supplements: It is recommended that you bring Arnica supplements (available from chemists) and Vitamin C (for healing and recovery) with you and start taking them after your surgery. It is important you do NOT take Vitamin E.  

Cover up: It is hard to avoid the sun in Asia, and it is relaxing to sit in the sun and read a book. But, you must cover your wounds with light clothing and wear SPF 50 sunscreen, wear big sunglasses and a large hat. 

Avoid smoking: Smoking increases the likelihood of complications and also can slow down the healing process. Also,  if you smoke before or after surgery Guarantee will be void. 

Avoid Swimming: We do not suggest any swimming in a public pool for the first 10-14 days after your surgery.

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