Postoperative Depression

After undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery, it is natural to have a few days where you are feeling low, sad and anxious. This can happen straight after your surgery, or a few weeks or months later. It is imperative to remember that while this is normal, it is also important to address this so you can move forward. 


One of the most common causes of feeling down can be second-guessing your decision. Was it worth it? Do I even look/feel any better? Are people going to judge me? A good way to overcome this is to make sure you think about all of these possible concerns and doubts before your surgery, if you like it can help to write down why you are undergoing this procedure beforehand so you can re-read this afterwards, or, have a close confidant that you can call after your surgery who will help remind you why you did it in the first place. 

It is also imperative you remember that it can take a few days, if not weeks or months before you will look and feel better. After surgery, you will be bruised and swollen, and it can be easy to feel 'ugly'. These days will pass and it is important to remind yourself that it will take time for your new look to be ready. 

Depression or sadness 

After your cosmetic procedure chances are you will be bedridden, bruised, swollen and in some discomfort. It is important to remember this will pass, and that it is not going to be like this forever. But, due to this, it is common to feel down. It is also common to experience a period of depression or sadness due to the anaesthesia or medications. If you start to feel very down, talk to your nurse or someone in our team. 

Emotional preparation for surgery overseas

After your surgery, the adrenaline, excitement and anticipation are gone and you can wake up feeling sad and alone. Members of our team will be there for you to support you through anything and just be there to chat and be a friendly face. 

Every person is different

Not everyone will feel this way, but understanding that this is a natural part of the process can help you to cope with these feelings better. It is important to remember why you did it and continue to be excited for all the things you can now do with more confidence, whether that be to wear a certain thing or do a certain thing.


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