Our Commitment and Guarantee

At Beautiful You Holidays we believe in the service we offer. Our quality and client satisfaction is of the highest quality because we have a responsibility to our clients from the moment they book with us to long after they have returned home after their procedures. We provide our clients with assurances they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by travelling overseas for any procedure.

Our clients are advised of the risks inherently associated with any surgery, and that they should be fully informed of those risks prior to committing to undertake surgery with Beautiful You Holidays. Information on risks are included on our site and should also be fully discussed with their attending surgeon.

Review Process

Beautiful You Holidays has a guarantee policy and review process, and if any client has a complication then it is imperative a Beautiful You Holidays booking manager is immediately advised by sending them the following:

  • Evidence such as photos, medical reports from your doctor at home or any statements.

Once this has been received, a review committee that consists of your booking manager, attending Plastic Surgeon, and Beautiful You Holidays Manager will review the complication.

Once this has been done the following will be decided:

  • Whether the complication relates or does not relate to the procedure, the hospital treatment and/or admission
  • Whether the complication is down to unrealistic expectations of the client or any previous medical or pre-existing conditions. Or any post-operative or surgeon’s instructions that were not fully followed

Once the above has been determined, the amount and extent of responsibility between Beautiful You Holidays will be allocated and the client will be notified in writing. In some cases, responsibility is 100% allocated to Beautiful You Holidays, in others, it is 50% to Beautiful You Holidays and 50% to the client, and in other cases, 100% responsibility is allocated to the client. This is all done on a case by case basis. And if the client disagrees they should respond immediately, in writing, to Beautiful You Holidays.


There are conditions that clients need to be aware of:

  • All information and advice from the surgeon and medical staff must be followed. Including but not limited to: medication recommendations, restricted activities and follow up care
  • When surgeons provide compression garments they must be worn according to the surgeons instructions
  • All hotels chosen for post-operative must be in approved Beautiful You Holidays hotels
  • Any immediate visits with medical practitioners that are sought for acute pain, acute swelling or infection must from a licensed medical practitioner. Client’s need to obtain a medical report or statement detailing the diagnosis, treatment provided and cost of treatment and pass this information on to Beautiful You Holidays.
  • Any treatment that has not been pre-approved by Beautiful You Holidays will not be  reimbursed
  • Due to swelling and healing, in majority of cases no determination will be made by Beautiful You Holidays for six months following surgery
  • Unless it is an emergency or in the case of acute complications, no procedures may be performed by another surgeon unless approved by Beautiful You Holidays

Risk Factors

There are various risk factors that can impact the outcome of any surgery. The following factors should be provided and discussed with your surgeon before undertaking any procedure. These include but are not limited to patients: 

  • Who smoke, heavily or not, and are alcohol or drug dependent
  • Who are outside a healthy BMI range
  • With diabetes or thyroid disease 
  • Who take any regular medications, especially those that interfere with recovery
  • Who are allergic to medications or other non-disclosed allergies
  • Who are HIV positive, or have hepatitis or syphilis
  • Also, any patients with the following conditions:  
  • Heart conditions 
  • Renal conditions including chronic renal failure or stone
  • Urinary conditions including benign prostatic hypertrophy, stricture of the urethra
  • Liver conditions including cirrhosis or hepatitis
  • Lung conditions including COPD, asthma or TB
  • Gastrointestinal conditions including peptic ulcer
  • Marrow conditions including dysplastic marrow
  • Nerve conditions including sensory, motor or autonomic disturbance
  • Muscle conditions including weakness, myasthenia-Gravis or Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Uterine conditions including dysmenorrhea and endometriosis
  • Joint conditions including arthritis
  • Eye conditions including glaucoma
  • Psychiatric conditions depression, schizophrenia or anxiety
  • Systemic conditions including autoimmune disease allergy or cancer
  • Degenerative conditions to the spine, bone, joints, eye or brain
  • Keloid scarring problems
  • Vascular or heart problems


When it comes to the Beautiful You Holidays guaranteed, it is important clients are aware that the following exclusions will not be covered:

  • Non-surgical procedures and laser or dental procedures
  • Any inherent risks that are associated with surgery that are not a result of surgery error, including but not limited to: capsular contracture, skin rippling and double bubble effect (in the case of breast implants), numbness and changes in sensation, Keloid scarring, asymmetry.
  • If there are any body changes due to weight gain/loss or pregnancy since the surgery
  • If patients do not stay minimum recommended amount of nights for their procedure
  • Similarly, in any cases where patients have been identified and advised that:
  • They are high risk
  • Surgical outcomes may not be fully attained as expected by patient for various reasons
  • If the client was told that the results may not be optimal, but insist on having the procedure anyway.


Once everything has been considered, Beautiful You Holidays guarantees in the case of surgery, hospital treatment or admission error, they will pay in full or on an agreed costs shared basis with the client:

  • Hospital, admission, surgical and other costs associated with any revision surgery – not including any expenses for the patient’s companion or family.
  • The accommodation required for revision surgery. The hotel will be selected by Beautiful You Holidays and any additional hotel costs must be paid by the client

Note: All revision surgery procedures must be finalised within one year of the original surgery. This guarantee applies to Beautiful You Holidays clients who have booked a plastic surgery procedures through our booking team.

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