Not sure what to expect? The lovely Simone has written an outstanding review about her experience with Beautiful You Holidays.


Simone pictured here at PPSI after her final consultation with Dr. Sanguan 


"Dear Sacha and everybody at Beautiful You Holidays, 

I’m three weeks post-op and feeling amazing, with recovering well from my breast augmentation surgery. I am blown away from the support and confidence that Sacha has given me by supporting me through this operation. 

Sacha made me feel so comfortable at all times with openly discussing photos and supporting me through my healing process. With feeling a little nervous with the healing process Sacha responded to me extremely quick and at all times of the night. With going through this procedure overseas I felt safe and comfortable at all times with Beautiful You Holidays and with June. June was so caring and so kind. She took me out after my surgery and was there through all my appointments and surgery. I never felt alone or stressed as my questions were answered immediately and she reassured me through every step of the way. 

The hotel facilities were immaculate with one of the best views over Patong beach. The food was incredible and the atmosphere relaxing making it a very easy place to recover with the calm and clean aura the hotel provided. 

I can’t even begin to explain my experience in the hospital as I’m completely and utterly blown away. The hospital was immaculate with the staff tending to every need possible for you at all times. I was a bit nervous heading into the procedure but had a nurse holding my hand and hugging me through the pre-surgery anaesthetic. The anaesthetist was special and so kind, she explained everything to me and made me feel so safe with it all. I was in the best hands possible and have seen the best hospital procedures in the world. With travelling for work I have been in and out of hospitals, nothing compares to PPSI, it’s in a league of its own. 

Dr. Sanguan was so professional and so direct with what he believed was the right size and shape for my body. With explaining to me what he believes was best, he assured me that he cared about how I felt and most importantly the end result. Dr. Sanguan visited me before and after surgery to see how I was feeling and to talk me through how my surgery went and the precautions for my recovery. With the kindest and most gentle temperament I felt safe at all times, he is also in a league of his own. I have seen the best results from his work it is honestly breathtaking. 

My end experience with Beautiful You Holidays and PPSI was amazing. It was such an exciting experience and I most definitely would be back again for another surgery. I have constantly been discussing my surgery to friends and family who now are eager to get over to Phuket to do it themselves, I am so happy with my new boobs, I feel a million dollars! 

Thank you, Sacha and June and everybody at PPSI, I am so so so happy!"


Before and 10 days after her Breast Augmentation surgery


Simone received Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Sanguan. 

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