Not sure what to expect? The lovely Shelley has written an outstanding review about her experience with Beautiful You Holidays.


Shelly and her husband pictured here with our Phuket Co-ordinator, KD


"Hi my name is Shelley and 8 months ago I went to Phuket with Beautiful You Holidays for some plastic surgery. I'm 55 years old and needed a little upgrade shall we say. I decided to have 3 procedures, and went ahead with a Lower Face and Neck Lift, Breast Reduction and Arm Lift. In the hope that I could go back to confidently start wearing cooler summer clothes. 

Loraine booked me in with a wonderful surgeon in a world class hospital. I feel I can make this judgment as I have previously had plastic surgery in NZ. 

Let me tell you the care was far superior to my NZ experience and the results far better. I think the surgeon was more practiced and he really listened to me. In NZ, I had previously had a Breast Reduction and the results we're not as small as I wanted them to be. Suffice to say I'm thrilled with the results and not a day goes by that I don't congratulate myself on choosing Beautiful You Holidays to help me with my journey. 

The very first day we arrived, an awesome young woman came to meet us at our hotel. She helped to get me organized to go into hospital the next day. I had multiple thorough tests done to insure I was healthy. When my health was given the green light, I was taken care of in hospital for the next week. Two days of surgery carried out 3 days apart. The 3 days between surgery we're spent getting myself healthy for another round. 

When I left the hospital, we were taken care of again for the remainder of our stay by the young woman I mentioned earlier. Her name is Kradong but we called her KD. She is someone I hope to see again in the future. We had so much fun with her and during our entire stary she mothered me and made sure I was looking after myself. 

All of my scaring is healing well and I feel fantastic. Of course, I never get sick of being told how young I look because that is just who I am. 

Anyone interested in this kind of adventure should not hesitate to choose Loraine and her team to help. Loraine seems like a friend now. I guess its cause I'm so happy with my results, my care and my memories. And let me tell you - I would not hesitate in the future to go back to the surgeon that held my hand as I went off to sleep in the operating room."


Before and 14 days after her Lower Face and Neck Lift surgery


Shelley received a Lower Face and Neck Lift, Breast Reduction and Arm Lift performed by Dr. Piyapas. 

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