Not sure what to expect? The lovely Louise has written an outstanding review about her experience with Beautiful You Holidays.



"My journey started when I enquired with Beautiful You Holidays after seeing them on Google. I emailed them and filled out the required forms, along with pictures. Which got sent to my selected surgeon, I got emailed back literally within a couple of days.

From that day, I knew I had to do it. So, I went through Sacha for everything. I am a 32 year old women with 3 children whom I had via c section, so my stomach was stretched and had a huge apron.

Beautiful You Holidays offered to sort my accommodation but I chose to stay at different locations around Bangkok. I stayed at a lovely resort the first day we landed and did some exploring with my partner, the weather was amazing. The next day I got picked up from my hotel where my partner and I we're taken to Yanhee Hospital.

On arrival, I filled out all the required forms, then I was taken upstairs where they weighed me, took my blood pressure and other OBS.

I waited to see the surgeon, Dr. Pitch. I had a translator from the hospital with us translating crucial information in case I didn't understand. However, I understood Dr. Pitch perfectly. We went through various implant sizes and he drew on me, we then went out to pay my bill.

Next, I was taken up to my room where they settled me. Closer to my surgery time, I had a wash and they gave me a muscle relaxant. At 4pm I was taken down to the OR for surgery. I was then taken back to my room post op where my partner was waiting for me.

I stayed in bed at the hospital for 3 days, then I slowly got up. It took me until day 4 to be fully independent. We left hospital on day 5 to another hotel where we stayed for 6 days, then to another for 2 nights. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The hospital is clean and tidy and the nurses are amazing. I even bought them chocolate to say thank you. I brag and recommend Beautiful You Holidays to everyone I talk to about plastic surgery, it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for BYH."


Louise received a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Pitch. 

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