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"I am Je'Niya Helm - Male to Female pre-op Transgender. I am 22 years old. After much debate I embarked on a journey to Phuket, Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery. I was very uncertain about traveling outside the United States for Cosmetic Surgery. But battling with a steep cost of Cosmetic Surgery in the United States and never having the ability to travel outside the Country - It was an easy "Yes" for me. Upon arriving in Phuket, Thailand - I was escorted by my personal driver to our hotel. While traveling on my way to the Phuket Novotel Resort, I was given a quick tour of the island near the hotel.

I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity, culture and quality of life the Thai natives enjoy. It was a very beautiful city. Some of the most beautiful beaches I ever seen! 4 - 5 days of exploring, indulging in delicious Thai food, spending some time on the beach - I was getting close to my consultation with Dr. Sanguan - Which I forgot to mention is one of Thailand Top Cosmetic Surgeon for Transgender Patients. Dr. Sanguan is known for his wonderful post-op results in various procedures. He has performed over a thousand Gender Reassignment Surgeries, and thousands more Breast Augmentations amongst a lot other procedures for the transgender community.

Once arriving at my consultation with Dr. Sanguan, I was asked to fill out paperwork - the usual stuff required for any surgery. Then, I was asked to follow one of his nurses for blood work, electrocardiogram. Once completed I met Dr. Sanguan. I got a chance to explain what I was seeking, what my expectations were (ideally) which allowed me to get a better feeling for Cosmetic Surgery. The procedures I had were Breast Augmentation and Tracheal Shave.

My recovery process: I recovered super quick within 2 - 3 days, I was feeling a lot better. I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Sanguan, everything looked super good. I had no excessive bleeding, no ripped stitches, and no complications.

Overall experience with Beautiful You Holidays was awesome. Each Surgeon will go above and beyond to exceed your needs. The best decision I have ever made in my life. Also, the procedures are at half of the cost you'll pay back home.


Here I am 11 months later feeling better than ever. My confidence has sky rocketed since my surgery. I haven't had any complications with my surgery in the 11 months since I had my Breast Implants and Tracheal Shave done.

Anyone who is interested in Cosmetic Surgery - Go to Phuket, Thailand with Beautiful You Holidays. You won't regret it at all!"


Je'Niya received a Tracheal Shave and Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Sanguan. 

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