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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your safety and wellbeing are always our first concern at BYH and we believe it’s important for you to be informed. There are also some basic steps you can take to reduce your risk.

The situation is being closely monitored and managed at an international level by the World Health Organisation, Governments, Airlines, Hospitals and Hotels.

Please don’t panic.

Clients who have traveled January & February are looking beautiful, and are all home, symptom-free

To reassure you, we’ve had more than a dozen clients return from cosmetic surgery overseas in January and February - traveling both Thailand and Malaysia. All traveled safely, had their surgery and were unaffected by the virus. None of those clients have symptoms or have been diagnosed with the virus. 

World-Class Hospitals

Our Hospitals are chosen for their world-class facilities and procedures. As you’d expect, they have already implemented precautionary measures in response to the situation and are monitoring the situation closely.


  • The hospital is only accepting international clients from ‘low risk’ countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA.
  • Clients from ‘high risk’ countries and regions are required to postpone their procedure until the situation has improved.
  • Strict screening measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • All international clients can postpone their surgery at no charge until the situation has improved.

Is it safe to travel?

World-class airlines have sophisticated operating procedures and, along with airports and hotels, have already implemented precautionary measures in response to the developing situation. Modern planes have cabin conditioning systems and filters that are designed to filter out small organisms like viruses so it is worth checking that your chosen airline operates an up to date fleet.


Basic steps you can take to reduce your risk

Before you travel

  • Buy some hand sanitizer and disposable disinfectant wipes
  • Check with the latest travel and health advisories - links below
  • Read the travel advice for your destination
  • Understand that there may may be delays and disruptions
  • If you are feeling unwell, please contact your doctor before traveling

Travel insurance

You may also want to consider ‘Cancel for any reason’ travel insurance but it will cost you more than the standard travel insurance. Be sure to read the fine print to understand the terms of your insurance.

During your travels

  • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it often.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds or more.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose or eyes.
  • Avoid touching any unnecessary items or surfaces - use disinfectant wipes to clean the area immediately around your seat e.g. armrests, table, screen and chairback in front of you.
  • Follow the advice of local authorities.
  • Keep your distance from people who appear sick.
  • Prepare for extended passenger processing queues at check-in and immigration

As a precaution, if you feel at all unwell, please seek medical attention.


Where to get the latest information

The situation is evolving so here’s where to go to get the latest information:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Coronavirus information


Travel advisories

Coronavirus information

New Zealand 

Travel advisories 

Coronavirus information 


If you are concerned please contact us directly. We can talk through the options - that may include delaying your travel and surgery. 

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