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A lot has changed over the years and the facelift of today is much different to the facelift of yesterday. The procedure has progressed significantly, looking much more natural (and therefore subtle). The result? Firming and tightening the skin on your face and neck to give a more youthful appearance. Want to make a change? Find out more about lower facelifts below.


What is a lower facelift?

Rather than opting for a full facelift, you can decide on a lower facelift. A lower facelift targets areas around the cheeks, mouth, and jawline and can improve the neck and under the chin. Your expert cosmetic surgeon would address sagging skin by ‘lifting’ your skin upwards using small incisions, removing excess skin during the process. This will achieve a look of tighter skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


How long does a lower facelift last?

It is worth noting that a facelift does not stop the ageing process, meaning although you will see fantastic results, you won’t receive a permanent result. On average, a lower facelift usually lasts approximately 10 years before the targeted areas show ageing. Most candidates are around 40 to 50 years of age, meaning you would enjoy the results for the next decade of your life. 


What makes a good candidate?

Male and females both choose to get facelift procedures done in order to improve their appearance, help them look and feel younger, as well as improve their self-esteem. A good candidate will have good facial skin elasticity and has noticed loose skin around their face and neck. Someone who is developing jowls or deep wrinkles in their cheeks or from the corners of their nose to their mouth is an ideal candidate.


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Remember, that as with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there will be a period of recovery afterwards. The procedure itself will take a couple of hours and you will spend a night or two in the hospital. A fluffy dressing will be applied immediately after surgery and will be removed within the day. There may be some moderate swelling and some soreness and most surgeons recommend you stay on holiday for two weeks, where you will receive regular checkups and follow-up appointments.

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