Follow the real-life stories of individuals who are heading to Asia to embark on a plastic surgery journey. We join them every step of the way, from consultations to recovery and then their liberating post-surgery reveals where they get to embrace their new bodies. These journeys are far from easy as everyone shares their unique, heart-felt reason as to why they are undergoing procedures. Whether you find someone you can relate to, or simply get a new-found understanding for why individuals seek plastic surgery, Beauty on the Beach changes the way we understand and see cosmetic surgery.


The 10 episodes in this season touch on various procedures, from Tummy Tucks and Breast Lifts to Rhinoplasty and Facelifts. The glorious beaches, high-energy cultural atmospheres and 5-star hotels make for a beautiful backdrop for these tales that for many, are a metamorphosis. They also help illuminate the world-class hospitals and leading plastic surgeons and explain why cosmetic surgery in Asia is becoming increasingly popular.


Watch the show Sundays, 9.30pm on Vibe!

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