Just like any surgery, there are potential risks and complications associated with plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is important that you understand the potential risks and complications associated with your procedures as this can help you prepare and make complications and risks even more unlikely to occur. This can be done by discussing any concerns up front with your surgeon and asking them how you can reduce the likelihood of any risks and complications, whether this is pre or post surgery. Likewise, it is important to be realistic with your expectations, as no serious or good plastic surgeon will ever give you 100% guarantees as everybody is different. 

It is also important to ensure you are of healthy mind and body before going ahead with any procedure. This can mean having talked about your procedure and all possible outcomes with your surgeon and a close friend, to living a healthy lifestyle before (and after) surgery. It also means that you should not be going into this procedure hoping for perfection or hoping to change your mental health. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is to make you more confident and happy in yourself. 

In order to have good health before your surgery, there are a few things you could, and should, do. 

  • Stop smoking at least four weeks prior, and after surgery, but earlier is better. Smoking can cause complications and increase the risks of wound healing. Please note our Non-smoking policy: Smoking can cause risks and complications and affect the healing process. We strongly recommend you stop smoking four weeks before and four weeks after surgery. It is likely you will be denied surgery if you smoke and the Beautiful You Holidays Guarantee is void for smokers.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, this means a healthy diet, at least 30 minutes exercise a day, limited alcohol and getting plenty of sleep. It is also important to continue this after your procedure
  • At least 10 days before you need to stop taking medication that contains aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications and these can increase the risk of excessive bleeding

Medical conditions

One of the most important things pre-surgery to decrease the chances of risks and complications is to be 100% open and honest with your surgeon about your medical conditions and history. Likewise, all medication you are on must be disclosed. At the time of your consultation, ensure you discuss with the surgeon if you have previously taken or had:

  • Allergies to any medications or treatments
  • Instances of prolonged bleeding
  • Any bad scarring or excessive bruising
  • Any recent or long-term illnesses
  • A connective-tissue disorder, such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Any previous surgery, no matter how small
  • A psychological or psychiatric illness

Risks of Surgery

We do all we can to minimise the risks and complications of all procedures, but it is important you are aware of the inherent risks and complications in all types of surgery.

  • Bleeding and infection of wounds, which may need to be treated with antibiotics
  • Chest infection as a result of general anaesthetic
  • Blood clots
  • Sore throats as a result of the breathing tube used in anaesthesia
  • Surgical scars, that are pink, raised and irregularly shaped  
  • Bruising and swelling that can take longer to heal than normal 

High-risk patients

Some individuals are more prone to risks and complications, and it is important you discuss these with your surgeon should they apply to you. If you:

  • Have liver, lung or heart problems
  • Have diabetes
  • Have poor circulation
  • Have heart, lung or liver problems
  • Are over 50 years
  • Have a BMI of or over 30
  • Leave your holiday destination and/or the surgeon’s care before you are completely healed
  • Do not stay on holiday for the recommended time
  • Have a history of smoking or if you have Nicorette patches
  • Have a family history of blood clotting
  • Have had more than 1 procedure
  • You will be given a consent form for your surgery at the time of booking, please read this thoroughly. If you do not agree with any of the risks outlined, please do not proceed with surgery.

At the time of your booking, you will be given a consent form, it is imperative you read through this thoroughly and if you do not agree with any of the risks and complications mentioned, please do not proceed with surgery.

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