A recent survey revealed that some 10% of New Zealand's women would like to alter or improve their looks with cosmetic surgery for Christmas. The survey, conducted by market research agency Colmar Bunton focused on the difference between male & female spending trends and their Christmas wish lists, in which cosmetic surgery scored 10% amongst the female group. The blokes on the other hand were more interested in power tools, books, gadgets and music.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular for both males and females, although it is clearly something more women are interested in than men, but with the high costs of cosmetic surgery more and more people are going abroad for cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery in Malaysia, South Korea, China and Eastern Europe is proving to be a popular cut price alternative to having cosmetic surgery in New Zealand or Austria's private clinics.

Most popular procedures include face lift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation, however in recent years, the 'designer vagina' is also increasing in popularity. There is a lot of controversy surrounding plastic surgery abroad and the companies offering cosmetic surgery holidays, however much of this comes from cosmetic surgeons based in NZ and Oz who frankly don't like the idea of loosing out to overseas cosmetic surgeons.

The fact of the matter is the cosmetic surgery holidays organised by companies such as Beautiful You Holidays vet their surgeons, vet their clinics and ensure everything runs as smoothly as can be expected. Cosmetic surgery carries certain risks regardless of where it's performed. Simply paying more for plastic surgery in New Zealand or Australia does not magically make it risk free.

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